Best Red Sauce Recipe Ever!


A few years ago I was tired of available BBQ sauces and wanted to make my own. I went to my shelf of BBQ books and started reading. After perusing pages and pages of recipes one recipe caught my eye, Memphis-Style Championship Red Sauce.

I was intrigued by the long list of ingredients, the last 4 of which are only 1/8 of a tsp (how the heck can that make a difference?) but decided to try it after reading this about it:

"Anywhere you go, it is not hard to find someone claiming to have "the best barbecue sauce." But there is only one sauce judged to be World’s Best for three consecutive years. Championship Red Sauce is hands down the "Best Sauce on the Planet" as selected over 500 entries at the American Royal International Sauce Contest. Our Red Sauce is a classic tomato-based barbeque sauce that enhances the flavor of all meat. Use it as a glaze or a dipping sauce. The all-purpose taste goes well on pork, chicken and beef and is a great replacement for ketchup. It took over 70 years and 4 generations to perfect this championship flavor."

Not kidding, we've made this sauce over and over and over. Friends and family LOVE IT. Follow the recipe exactly. Only adaption I ever made was substituting apple butter for apple sauce, because I was out of homemade applesauce and figured apple butter would be even denser and more flavorful. To my taste buds it did not enhance the flavor, but on the other hand it did not detract from it.

Championship-style Memphis Red Sauce (copyright Big Bob Gibson)

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