6 thoughts on “Dry Brining – How I Used Salt To Improve My Ribs”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, and have a question for you if you don’t mind. After dry brining the ribs, did the seasoning you used after the fact contain any salt, itself? Just started learning how to use a smoker, and I appreciate in advance the advice! Thanks!!

  2. Yes, and with a bit of trial and error you can find that sweet spot. The 1/2 tsp of kosher salt is not a lot, but depending on how much seasoning one puts on their meat it could lead to an overly-salty end result. If you find that this process and your desired seasoning level is too salty, follow the process and then rinse the salt off the meat and pat dry, then add your rub. Another option is to do this process and then use a no-salt rub after (I am working on a no-salt rub now, along with a couple of others).

    Thanks for your comment and best wishes on your smoking adventure!

    1. I’ve taken this approach twice now and I think it’s been the missing ingredient for my ribs I’ve been looking for over the past few years. I do believe I have to pull back on the salt in the rub now, as the saltiness level was a bit high this last time around. But overall, a big improvement! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Darrel, I really appreciate it. Glad that it helped with your process. I’m working on a no-salt rub right now and have a recipe I’m gonna test. It uses citric acid (AKA lemon salt) as the “salty” part of the rub.
        Happy smokin’

        1. Thanks Jack, I appreciate the advice, this is helpful!

          I have no tried this a couple of times too and believe the quality of the meat combined with the dry brine are key! To kick back on the salt I’ve been using a rub from ‘Meathead’ at Amazing Ribs he calls it Memphis dry rub and does not include salt. It’s a good base start an you can experiment around with it, but it’s pretty darn good as is… thanks again! I’m doing some ribs this afternoon. ?

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